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We enhance publishing and innovate on the book using open source software. Delivering multi-format publishing solutions by designing technology workflows, upskilling publishing teams and applying new strategies to publishing models.


McLuhan Hybrid Lecture Player

Marshall McLuhan Hybrid Lecture Player

Publishing from the archive - Lecture from McLuhan Salon, Canadian Embassy, Berlin

Collaborative Library Workshop

Collaborative Libraries

P2P knowledge sharing - Medialab Prado proof of concept prototype, showing event reading and media lists

Chris Kraus
- Mute Books

You Must Make Your Death Public: a collection of texts and media on the work of Chris Kraus

Multi-format book production; eBook and print-on-demand, templates, styling and distribution

What We Offer


Production delivery

Software development

We address the challenges of digital publishing and knowledge acquisition through the development of practical, efficient technology ecosystems. In our research we aim to reconceptualize reading, researching and engagement with archives and publishing.

How We Work




We work in partnership or as commissions. We develop new forms of digital engagement for cultural institutions and their audiences. Our services include content curation and conceptual proposals, design templates, product development, digitization workflows, and managed collection and publishing software systems.


Simon Worthington - Director, Publishing Technologist
simon (at) hpg.io, @mrchristian99
Founder Mute Publishing, founder Hybrid Publishing Consortium promoting open source publishing technology infrastructures. Studied art at Slade School, UCL and CalArt, USA.

Graham Larkin - Principal Researcher, Knowledge Design
graham (at) hpg.io, @bglarkin
Art historian (PhD Harvard '03); designer; open culture advocate. Former Curator of European & American Art, National Gallery of Canada. Interests include McLuhan (https://mcluhan.consortium.io/); data visualization (designincubator.info); sustainable living (slowottawa.ca / @slowottawa); heritage (smallmuseums.ca); academic freedom (http://grahamlarkin.info/academic-freedom/).

Christina Kral - Head of Learning Innovation, Experience Design
christina (at) hpg.io, @fabagit
Christina investigates alternative knowledge acquisition, using game mechanics as a critical design tool for the activation of archives. She has led participatory and interdisciplinary research projects and teams. She has completed residencies at Eyebeam Art and Technology Center, EdLab Digital Arts at Columbia University, has a BA in Design Communication from Merz Akademie and an MfA in European Media from Portsmouth University.

Loraine Furter - Design Technologist
loraine (at) hpg.io
Loraine is a graphic designer and coder with a strong interest in research and critical writing about traditional and new publishing practices. Each project is for her the occasion to explore existing tools and to develop context specific ones. Inspired by Free and Open Source practices (release early, release often) she gives great importance to sharing her work and research, and her practice involves teaching, giving workshops and lectures.

Johannes Amorosa - Lead Software Developer
johannes (at) hpg.io
Johannes studied at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, graduating in audiovisual media in 2012. Since then he worked as a pipeline developer at the Berlin based visual effects company Celluloid VFX. At the Hybrid Publishing Group he is responsible for engineering the IT infrastructure. He is committed to Open Source and Linux in particular.

Christian Ahlert - Business Development
christian (at) hpg.io, @MiniBarlondon
Christian manages the innovation agency MiniBarLabs, which specialises in business and innovation strategies for clients such as UBS, P&G and other corporate clients. He is also Entrepreneur in Residence for Publicis Worldwide developing start up programs to help them scale. Previously he has advised No 10 Downing Street on their tech policy and worked with numerous start ups on their growth strategy. He also runs MiniBar which is Europe’s largest startup community with over seven and a half thousand members.


We take a modular approach to tech development, combining in-house custom-built open source software, components developed by our partners and the wider community and bespoke client adaptations.

Our Software Products

Hybrid Player - multimedia Web Book

Supports fine grained linking of media, such as video, audio and text transcripts. Based on open standards it allows for a wide variety of Web and social media tools to be incorporated.

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Repository Validator - GitHub based

A master file is created that is constantly tested against ISO standards. This way a publisher can be sure that their content is always ready for conversion to any chosen output format.

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Collaborative Library - reading and media lists

HPG is about enhanced digital publishing. Collaborative Libraries addresses distribution, publication reuse as publication remixing and facilitates institutional and P2P knowledge sharing.

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multi-format workflows

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